Mika Lagrén

Mika Lagrén
I borrowed my first guitar at the age of 12 from a much older guy who was our neighbor.

I liked playing so much that my first live performance that year was playing along to a Joe Satriani song in the school cafeteria. I didn't actually play, I just stood on stage with a guitar and looked cool. My dad bought me a guitar and an amp that same year so I could practice for real and I started rehearsing like crazy every day.

Well, a few years later I joined my first band and from there I played guitar and bass in many bands and toured all over the world. Today I play in Grave and have been doing so for 11 years. I have recorded many albums with bands and have been a session musician on more albums and live shows than I can remember. It has been a wild ride around the world, all in the name of metal of course.

But I feel like the journey has just begun.


Why Vola ?

My Vola guitar(s)

I was blown away by how smooth everything is from communication to how well the guitars are built.
I truly feel like I am a part of a great family now.
I want to play with the best guitars and Vola provides 100%.

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