Mayto is a Japanese guitarist and songwriter. She was born in Mie Prefecture, Japan. She currently plays guitar and vocals in the harmonic girl metal band "HAGANE", as well as supporting other bands.

She played piano as a child, but realized that the sound of the guitar was what she really wanted to do and got her first guitar at the age of 14. Influenced by guitarists such as Edward Van Halen, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, RENO, and Mitsuyo, she loves emotional and aggressive guitar phrases. She began playing in bands at the age of 16. She started her band career as a member of HAGANE in 2018 after supporting various bands in pop, rock, and metal genres.

HAGANE released their first mini album "Episode0" in April 2020, and their first single "Labradorite" in December 2020.
As an individual, Mayto is active in various activities such as performing song covers on YouTube and playing guitar in the character song for the anime "Yojo Syacho".


Why Vola ?

My Vola guitar(s)

My Vola guitar has given me the freedom to create the sound I want. It has a great sound and visual appeal, and it's also very versatile. I feel that the guitar accompanies me in my performance. It is a guitar that allows me to express myself.