Leo Natale

Leo Natale

Leo Natale is a 31 years old guitarist and composer.He’s one of The Dali Thundering Concept founding members in which he is composer and co-producer.

He's also guitarist and co-producer in the band Sal3m since 2021.

Léo also composes for several music agency like Cézame Music Agency and La Gamme.


Why Vola ?

My Vola guitar(s)

I made all the wrong choices to find a guitar that would suit me: I'm left-handed and I play 8-string guitar, in other words, I had a bad start as a musician. None of the guitar brands offered a model that suited me 100%.
Vola came along and thanks to them and the whole team, they allowed me to achieve my dream guitar : a Strat' like 8 string guitar.