Vola Guitars, founded by experienced luthier Shawn Cho, combines classic style with modern innovation. With over 25 years of expertise, Shawn embarked on his own venture with his long time friend, Ryan Wong, in 2015, driven by a desire to showcase his unique designs and bring together the best elements of traditional guitar craftsmanship with cutting-edge features.


To achieve this vision, we specialize in Japanese-made guitars & USA custom-made guitars, renowned for their exceptional quality. Vola guitars are made to the highest standard, and we take pride in the attention to detail and quality control that goes into each guitar.


Vola stands for "Voice Of Life and Arts". Everyone at Vola Guitar is dedicated to providing the best instruments possible, allowing you to find and unleash your own voice and inspiration. We made the strategic decision to sell guitars directly to consumers. We pride ourselves on being a direct-to-consumer brand, which allows us to establish a closer connection with our customers, deliver an unparalleled experience, and provide our customers with the highest quality guitar at a competitive price.