Explore Vola's Signature model guitars

Featuring collaborations with some of best players from across the globe, spanning metal to neo soul, and bridging diverse musical genres. Crafted in Japan by skilled artisans, each model embodies a distinct sonic vision, driving guitar innovation forward. Embark on a creative journey with this unique selection of signature Vola guitars.


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OZ 7 QGM J1 (Quentin Godet Signature)

134,800.00 RSD

OZ Keene Machine J1

191,900.00 RSD

Vasti 7 PDM J1 (Pierre Danel Signature)

134,800.00 RSD

Vasti KJM (Kaspar Jalily Signature)

129,300.00 RSD

OZ JRM(Julien Rosenthal Signature)

123,900.00 RSD

Vasti PDM J2 (Pierre Danel Signature)

129,300.00 RSD

OZ MRM (Maycown Reichembach Signature)

129,300.00 RSD

Vasti 5 STM J1(Steve Treguier Signature)

153,500.00 RSD