Rob Henx

Rob Henx

Canadian/Brazilian guitar player, Rob Henx started playing guitar at the young age of 13. Influenced by the gods of rock such as Eddie Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Steve Vai, Edu Ardanuy, Dream Theater, Pantera, since he was 15 he started playing in several tribute bands, treading in the musical footsteps of his idols. Henx always considered his guitar as an extension of his soul creating music inspired by moments of his life, memories, hopes and everything in between. Music teacher for more than 20 years, taught several students music theory, rhythm and guitar.

Under the name of Roberto Hendrigo he released his first solo album “Sons” in 2017, followed in 2019 by “Enjoy” and his third album “Oráculo” in 2021.

Horizon is Rob Henx’s latest release in which the name Horizon is used as an analogy to the Event Horizon, the boundary defining the region of space around a black hole from which nothing can escape and time and space are relative. Like the power of music that captures us making the perception of time and space relative.

Roberto Hendrigo (aka Rob Henx), expects to provide his listeners an escape of time and space trough different feelings and emotions rising from the softer melodies of Memories, to the heavier like Obsession.

Beside his solo career, he’s a proud member of Red Raven Chaos and Moonrunners.


Why Vola ?

My Vola guitar(s)

I discovered Vola with a friend of mine Rod Rodrigues (a phenomenal guitar player), the sound, the look, everything was great about it. Until I had a chance to meet them at NAMM 2023 and confirm with my own hands that Vola was not only an amazing guitar, was a piece of art. I felt in loved with the neck, the versatility, the heaviness and smoothness that she could achieve. Summary: the Voice of Life and Arts came to stay.