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Designed in collaboration with metal titan Michael Keene of The Faceless, this powerhouse of a guitar has appropriately been dubbed “The Keene Machine”. With a sleek demeanor and crushing authority, it was created for uninhibited speed and grit. Perhaps its most notable feature is the integration of a GOTOH 1996T tremolo system, allowing you to raise or lower the pitch with intensity and accuracy. Another key feature is the installation of two Fishman Fluence pickups, which are complemented by a push/pull pot that allows two unique voices between the Fluences and can be expanded upon with the 5-way super switch. Aesthetically, the Alder body is finished with with a custom Keene Green Gloss. The ebony fingerboard is crafted with Vola Eye of Life inlays as well as a signature “Chaos Star” inlay on the 12th fret. If you are searching for a guitar that pushes the envelope in every capacity, look no further.


Country of Origin:  Handmade in Japan

Construction: Bolt-on neck with new contour heel

Body: Alder

Fingerboard: Ebony

Neck: 3 piece hard rock maple with Vola MC Neck shape and 3x3 Vola angled headstock

Nut: Floyd locking nut R2

Frets: 24 Medium Jumbo Nickel Frets/ 25.5" scale

Inlay: Luminlay Green Vola Eye of Life inlay + custom 12th fret inlay “Chaos Star”

Radius: 16" Radius

Pickups: Fishman Fluence set

Electronics: 1 Volume(Push/Pull), 5-way Super switch

Bridge: Gotoh 1996T tremolo

Tuners: Gotoh tuners 

Strings: D'Addario XTE0942 9-42

Case:  Vola Custom Series Gig Bag (included)


Alnico Voice 1 Neck(Modern Active High Output): The ideal active alnico sound. Full, round, and boosted, but with unprecedented articulation and dynamics.

Ceramic Voice 1 Bridge (Modern Active High Output): The ideal active ceramic humbucker tone. Crisp, searing crunch, tight bass with no mud, and a growl

Alnico Voice 2 Neck (Crisp, clean and fluid): The clean, crisp neck humbucker tone you’ve always wanted without the thin, plinky sound you don’t.

Ceramic Voice 2 Bridge (Modern Passive Attack): Organic, high output, passive ceramic tone. Superb distortion characteristics with Fluence dynamics and response.

5 Way switch positions:

1. Bridge

2. Bridge & Neck (Inner Coils)

3. Bridge & Neck

4. Neck Outer Coils

5. Neck


The entirety of the ebony fingerboard is adorned with one-of-a-kind Luminlay Green Vola Eye of Life inlays. This illuminating innovation provides visibility in any lighting setting. To add to the allure, a custom “Chaos Star” inlay is perfectly placed at the 12th fret.


Our newly designed heel offers a stunning contour on the back side of the guitar’s body. The connection between neck and body is seamless, and access to higher frets has never been easier. Additional relief on the lower cutaway provides comfortability and further playability.


The unmistakable “Keene Machine Green” finish sets a bold and assertive visual precedent to overall look. Curated specifically for this guitar, this vibrant and electrifying paint job will be sure to turn heads from the studio to the stage.


Equipped with two Fishman Modern multi-voice pickups in the neck and bridge position, the Keene Machine produces a wide range of sound in a remarkably accessible electronics package. The first voice offers a full and boosted sound with immense articulation and dynamics, where the second voice adds a crisp clarity to the mix. A push-pull pot in the volume knob offers additional tone sculpting by tying in a glassy single coil alternative.


The well-balanced aesthetic of the 3x3 headstock offers equal parts form and function. Black Gotoh tuners line either side for pinpoint tuning accuracy and reliability. The symmetrical layout accounts for even string tension and distribution, creating an exceptional playing experience.


Unique vibrato capabilities are instantly obtainable with the installation of the Gotoh 1996T tremolo bridge. Paired with a locking nut, this timeless design opens a world of dynamic pitch effects. Fine tuning knobs at the base ensure optimal performance and a perfectly dialed sound.