The Vola Vasti 7 PDM J1

The Vola Vasti 7 PDM J1

Getting a Signature guitar is probably a dream for all young and budding guitar players. Something that not only is your guitar company of choice backing you 100 percent, but you are also ready to commit to that company and create a long lasting relationship.

So on that note, today we would like to show you one-half of the very talented duo, Pierre Danel Signature guitar, the Vasti 7 PDM J1. Pierre is one of two guitar players from the French Metal band Kadinja. The great thing about this pair and the guitars they play its not always about metal, they also utilise a lot of clean tones for other styles of music.

So what Pierre needs is a guitar that can go from 100 percent metal all the way down to super clean and smooth RnB type tones. This guitar can do that and more. So let's take a look at the specs.

Let's start at the beginning. The body is a beautiful ash that can be purchased in two colors, Vintage White and OGD (Orange Gradation). The Vintage White is finished in a nice high gloss, and the OGD is finished with a beautiful open pore finish. The Vintage White gives you a traditional throw back to classic T style guitars while the OGD gives you a more modern approach.

The Guitar has a 24 fret bolt-on neck with the Vola Modern C shape. The neck and fretboard timber itself is a gorgeous Roasted Maple. Not only is roasted maple a good choice when it comes to visual and touch, but for a gigging player, its perfect. It’s a notoriously stable wood because all the moisture has essentially been cooked out of the wood, giving you a far more solid and dependable rigid tool.

The pickups we have in the guitar are our very own Vola designed, custom wound pickups. The Vola Fire Ice Humbucker and matching Fire Ice Single Coils allow you to reach peek brutality but also tone it right down to accommodate all other style of music.

The Guitar is hand made in Japan and includes the Vola Custom Series Gig bag.

If you are looking for a guitar that has all the modern appointments but tips its hat to classic guitars, then the Vasti 7 PDM J1 is for you.

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