Steve Treguier

Steve Treguier
Steve Tréguier is the latest addition to the french metal band Kadinja. He joined the band in December 2017, when the creation process of the album Super 90' began, and since then he has also been in charge of the business management part of the band.
He is the bassist of the Parisian Progressive Metal band The Dali Thundering Concept and provides music business and management services through his company Inguz Agency,


Why Vola ?

My Vola guitar

There is now a strong relationship between Vola Guitar and Kadinja. After a fruitful collaboration on Pierre's and Quentin's signature guitars, a partnership on bass seemed like an obvious step. I found in Vola versatility and comfort of playing, while maintaining the power and impact for metal style, as well as an original and vintage aesthetic. I just fell in love with Vola basses.
Ma bannière