Cai Jian

Cai Jian
Cai Jian is a well-known jazz guitarist and composer in China, a professional jazz guitar teacher in the School of Modern Music and Drama of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and an online music education teacher. He has been engaged in music teaching for many years and has a complete teaching system and methods. Also engaged in guitar recording, live musicians, etc.

He started to learn violin at the age of 4 and received classical music training since childhood. Started to learn guitar by himself at the age of 14, relying on the listening basics of classical music from an early age, and reproduced a large number of songs and solo. At the age of 18, under the influence of the Dream Theater Orchestra, he founded Guangzhou's first avant-garde metal band Zero Two Zero as guitarist and composer.
In the mid-2000s, he followed Hong Kong jazz master Tommy Ho to learn jazz music theory and jazz guitar performance. He is an all-round guitarist who integrates hard rock, heavy metal, progressive metal, funk, blues, standard jazz, Latin and fusion jazz.

Besides Vola Guitar, Cai Jian also endorses Joyo effects and Blackstar amps.


Why Vola ?

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Vola guitar has a comfortable feel, strong penetration and attractive appearance.This is the guitar I have been looking for!