Spotlight - The OZ RV ROA

Spotlight - The OZ RV ROA
oz rv roa


The OZ RV ROA is already an instant classic. Take the popular OZ, mix in some extra mojo and voila, the OZ ROA is born. With it's foundation in the Vola OZ, it is pretty much anything but. With it's ash top and roasted maple neck, the ROA sets itself apart by design and tonality while keeping some of the qualities of the OZ like the single volume, single tone and HHS pickup configuration.

The neck is another takeaway. The ROA features the classic 50's chunky C neck, but in this case it's roasted maple. The one-piece, hard maple, Vola large C contour, melds with your hand for the all-out grip and rip, play it like you feel it experience. Other appointments include the reverse headstock, Gotoh locking tuners and a coil tap, to get the most out of your humbucker.

Although the classic S-style guitars were made popular by many classic rock and blues players, the OZ is so versatile, that any player, in any genre of music, will feel the tone flow through their hands. The OZ body shape is visually unmistakable. With its’ slick modern curves, it’s not just a beautiful design, but also functional. The shape of the body provides enhanced comfort when playing as well as balance while standing.

Made in Japan, the Vola OZ is a best in class, next gen S-type guitar. The high-quality workmanship can be seen and felt from end to end. Add one to your arsenal and get inspired.