OZ RV TNC LH - A Noble Reflection

OZ RV TNC LH - A Noble Reflection


The OZ RV TNC has become a staple in our ever-growing catalog of instruments, and for good reason. It is a one-stop-shop for tone, aesthetics, and playability. With its growing popularity, an adaptation needed to be made to suite the wide variety of players. In response, Vola Guitars has introduced new left handed versions of the OZ RV TNC to make it accessible to a larger range of musicians.

These versatile guitars feature hand selected flamed maple tops from our team in the USA. The wood is then transported to our factory in Japan to be crafted by our amazing team of luthiers. Internally, they boast a wealth of high quality components that set a high bar for musical and tonal exploration. Now reimagined in a left-handed format, the reflective integrity still stands with the same key components and features still integrated across each build. At its core, the TNC captures a vast scope of sounds and emits a character that is entirely unique to itself. 


To celebrate the expansion of this lefty inventory, Premier Guitar was kind enough to feature the new additions on their site. Upon review, all six of the stunning finishes appear in an orderly fashion. On the far left, the Tiger Eye burst, with its classic appeal, catches the eye immediately. It is soon followed by the Aqua Burst and Trans Light Purple finishes. Next the Sapphire Blue rendition offers an alternate gemstone-like appearance. To the right of that is the Tribal Red finish, with its stunning roseate hue. The final coating in the line-up is a bit of a newcomer. The recently introduced Charcoal Black makes a surprising appearance, boasting a streamlined and distinguished look while maintaining the heart and soul of the core attributes.

Each one embodies a unique grain with shining personality. The disparate nuances of each flamed maple top calls a closer to connection to the individual who will soon be playing it.


Each guitar is outfitted with a mahogany body, a solid flame maple cap, and a gorgeous bolt on roasted maple neck. The contoured heel and double cutaway design allow easy access to all frets, creating an overall seamless playing experience. 22 stainless steel medium jumbo frets and a 25.5" scale length tie together for effortless playability. The durable stainless steel provides longer fret life, better vibrato, smoother bends, and more responsive to attack. Paired with the roasted maple fingerboard, the two are a match made in heaven. The added Luminlay dots on the side of the fingerboard make playing in dark scenarios a breeze and are a welcomed addition to the build.

The OZ RV TNC LH offers a huge electronics package to go along with our Vola hand-wound pickups, a coil tap option, and a direct switch for uninhibited power. On top of that, a neck pick up push/pull pot gives seemingly endless options for tonal exploration. Three distinct custom designed Vola pickups are installed, including a Flamebucker II in the bridge, a VS-II single coil in the middle, and a VDR-II in the neck position. With a myriad of interactive combinations, this instrument carries its weight in any musical scenario with ease.

From a hardware perspective, the Gotoh 510T tremolo system provides greater tremolo functionality. It has a low clearance arm system of Gotoh’s own design. To help guarantee a strong and hard-wearing tremolo pivot point, an extremely resilient chromium steel was used for the bridge plate. From the same family, the Gotoh Vintage Style locking guitar tuners with thumbwheel mechanisms are installed. They have the classic SD91 look with a modern locking functionality, providing reliability and durability for optimal tuning stability. All of these elements combine for a sturdy and reliable composition.


To solidify the OZ RV TNC in the modern classic sphere, boundaries had to be expanded to allow all types of players, including the lefties, to have their chance to wield these pieces of craftsmanship. Present day musicians are faced with a multitude of options and choices when it comes to gear, and Vola Guitars strives to create increasingly adaptable instruments to keep up with their modernized needs. We are thankful for the feedback, the support, and the growth that we have seen in our artists and our company. In the spirit of innovation and inclusion, it is with immense pride and excitement that we present the OZ RV TNC LH.


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