Judge Fredd

Judge Fredd
Guitarist and gear reviewer, Judge played with several French artists.
In 1991, he was also hired as a reviewer for Guitare & Claviers (Guitar and Keyboards), starting a long series of tests, shows, interviews and videos that continue to this day with Guitare Xtreme, another guitar magazine.
He also made many videos and educational CDs and had a long collaboration with Guitar Method, a French educational guitar magazine.

In the 90's he collaborated with VHM and other guitarists to develop "THE Marshall Mod" based on the JMP and JCM 800 Marshall amps. More recently, he has also designed several guitar models, picks, pickups with SP Custom, strings, effects pedals, a tube amp and two preamps with various gear artisans.

In 2010, he founded Cour Supreme (Supreme Court), a power trio that released its 3rd album in November 2021 (see video below).


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