What does Vola mean?

Vola is an acronym for the Voice Of Life and Arts. We believe the guitar is a tool to help express yourself and get you message heard!

Where are Vola Guitars built?

The Vola MIJ production line is Made in Japan with a skilled group of luthiers that create one of the best guitars you will ever play. Please check our factory tour video HERE!
Vola USA Custom Shop is located in Southern California where we teamed up with one of the best local boutique custom shops around.
At the Vola USA Custom shop, each order is built one at a time to the customers specifications. Please see our Custom shop page for more information and feel free to contact us at customshop@volaguitar.com

What pickups are in the OZ and Vasti MIJ production line?

Vola has created our own unique pickups that we have designed specifically for our guitars to be versatile for any genre of music. You can check our more information on each model of our guitars.

What is the neck thickness of the Vola models?

Vola guitars come with our Vola Modern C neck shape & Vola Classic C neck shape.
The Vola Modern C neck shape is a more modern take with a 20 mm-21 mm design that still gives you a full feeling neck with the sustain you want and still provides a fast feeling neck.
You may notice that some of our models have "MC" in the model name. This means that the model has the Vola Modern C neck shape. The Vola Classic C neck shape is a 22 mm-23.5 mm design that has a comfortable round bottom that allows you to grip with ease.
The Vola Classic C can be found on our OZ ROA and OZ RMN as well as many of our Artist Signature models.
Please see our Neck Shapes page for more information here: https://volaguitars.com/pages/neck-shapes

Does Vola cover VAT and shipping cost for my country? How long does shipping generally take?

Please check our Shipping Information page for details on your country

Where will my guitar be shipped from?

To ensure the best pricing and customer support, our stock models are shipped from our Hong Kong office. This is set up for our MIJ Series. If you are interested in a USA Custom Shop order, please contact us at info@volaguitar.com

Do you do artist endorsements and discounts for the artists?

We are always looking for new artist to work with! Please feel free to fill out our Endorsement Enquiry page and we will get back to you shortly.
Why are Vola Guitars such high quality?
Vola Guitars use only the best in quality when it comes to wood selection, our Vola designed electronics and Gotoh hardware to bring the best guitar you can get at a very competitive price by selling direct to you.