Jon Neto

Jon Neto
Jon Neto is a guitarist, music producer and guitar teacher in Brazil. and a guitarist with national and international projection. He is highly qualified and his work is recognized worldwide. He has been influenced by guitarists such as Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe, Scott Henderson, Roben Ford, Jeff Beck and many others.
Jon has recorded two albums, Jon Neto (2006) and In The City (2009), and has participated in major guitar festivals in Argentina and Brazil. His song "Formiguinhas" was featured on the blog/website of the prestigious guitar magazine "Guitar World". He's also involved in parallel projects related to music, where he works as a professor of theory and practical musical development, teaching classes, workshops, working as a contracted musician and as a music producer. He is currently producing his third instrumental CD entitled "Electric".


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With Vola I am able to express and give voice to my personality through music. The look is elegant, combining vintage with modern in symetrical lines. The sound is fantastic!

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