Gregory James

Gregory James
Hailing from Louisville, KY, Gregory James is a multi-instrumentalist and producer with a diverse blend of influences and musical tendencies. From progressive metal to neo-soul, there are few places on the musical spectrum he has yet to explore, but he certainly has found his niche. His early career was forged in the post-hardcore projects Kardia and Dead Man’s Crescendo, to which he contributed vocals and rhythm guitars. Eventually, infatuation came in the form of synth driven music, and Gregory began to build his production and engineering chops in an electro-pop trio called Passing Hampton. After heading out to Indiana to attend college, he soon joined forces with the psychedelic folk wizard Joshua Powell to form a new project by the name of Blindfold the Leaves, churning out a miscellany of sounds in the vein of experimental Americana.

After graduating college, a change of pace was imminent, and Greg migrated to the river city of Louisville, KY to newer endeavors. Right off the bat, he was greeted by a pleasant diversity in the southern scene, and he spent some time playing bass for local hip hop artist Romell Weaver. Once fully settled into his newly claimed home, a subconscious shift began towards a new sound. This shift gradually led way to his current venture, Annapurna, a midwest indie rock band with a mix of progressive and dreamy elements. Formed in 2015, the sonic foundation of the band quickly changed from an acoustic outfit to a fully equipped rock quartet, which prompted a shift from acoustic to electric guitar. After an organic and seamless introduction to the Vola brand, extended range instruments became integral to the nature of Annapurna’s audial direction and Greg’s overall approach to writing.


Why Vola ?

My Vola guitar(s)

Ever since I discovered Vola guitars, I have been constantly inspired by their craftsmanship, versatility, and playability. I formed an instant connection to these instruments, and they have propelled my musical endeavors from the moment I started playing them. Vola has become an integral part of my creative process, from writing to performance, and I look forward to their continued innovation within the modern guitar realm.