Brand new colors for the OZ V3

Brand new colors for the OZ V3

In the 1960s certain guitar company’s where using automotive company colours on their guitars.


For example the rather fetching Daphne Blue finish has been taken from the car company Cadillac, or the well know Fiesta Red and Cobra Blue taken from car giants Ford Motors.

There is something about the traditional Car colours on guitars that fit so perfectly, maybe because of the speed of the cars, or how cool you looked when driving one. The ties between cars and guitars are NOT tenuous, so lets take a look at what colours we offer in the OZ Guitar range.

Amongst the more out there colours we start with the traditional, the Sunburst Gloss, the Vintage Ivory Gloss and the vintage white gloss. A selection of guitars that scream vintage appeal, guitars for all the Hendrix fans out there.

If you are looking for something a with a little more impact colour wise we have the traditional Fiesta red, the Daphne Blue and the Shell Pink Gloss finishes. If you are a Cadillac / Elvis kind of person maybe the shell pink will do it for you, or maybe you are a Ford Motors kind of person then in that case Fiesta Red and Daphne Blue will get your blood pumping. At the end of the day these colours have been used for generations on classic and modern guitars and they look absolutely beautiful while doing it.

The last 3 colours we have to offer within the OZ range is the simple but elegant and beautiful Black Gloss ( works beautifully with the maple neck ) the Surf Green Finish, and the Cobra Blue. Once again very well known colours within the guitar community and executed wonderfully, the cobra blue especially is fetching because there is a small amount of flake within the finish so when it catches in certain lights it looks like its sparkling.

They are all the finishes that you can choose from within the OZ V3 range, we can not wait to see what finish you go for next.