Artist interview: David Wallimann

Artist interview: David Wallimann

Today we have the great honour of interviewing David Wallimann. Known for his huge social media presence and amazing teaching skills, let's see what he had to say in this interview.


Thank you for taking the time to do this interview David, so when did you start playing guitar and who influenced you growing up?

I started playing when I was 14 on an old classical guitar. But things really started about a year after, on Christmas morning of 1993. That’s when I got my first electric guitar. I was really into Hard Rock bands like Iron Maiden, Guns ‘n Roses and Metallica. But if I had to name one guy who really made a difference in my approach to music, it would have to be Joe Satriani. I just loved the way he played and how he approached music. He’s still to this day one of my all time top players.

Some amazing influences there, do you have any memories that the guitar has brought you that stick out to you the most?

Man, there are so many. I can’t remember a time of my life when the guitar was not a part of it. It’s been with me through the highest and lowest points in my life. It was with me when I moved to the USA at 27, it was there when battling depression, also there at the birth of my kids. I wish I could pinpoint one event in particular, but there are so many!

What is your favourite Vola Model and what would you like to highlight about that model?

My favourite is the Vola OZ. I’m particularly found of the RMN model which stands for Roasted Maple Neck. I love the way it plays. The neck is just right – not too thick, not too thin. It sounds modern, but also very organic and vintag-y at the same time. It’s always hard trying to describe how a guitar feels and sounds like though. I would definitely encourage anyone reading this to go try one and see what it’s about!

I think that’s a perfectly fine way to describe that model, so what do you think is important about Youtube as a guitar player and do you have any tips for people that want to follow in your footsteps?

The best tip I could give is to be yourself. Don’t try to please everyone or be someone you are not. Being genuine is really key to build a real following.

If you could choose any Vola guitar as your desert island model what one would it be?

That would be my Vola RMN! It’s been my main guitar for the last year or so. It’s so inspiring!

That’s amazing, finally what have you got planed for the future?

The big projects for 2022 are to launch Primal Guitar Experience which is an immersive 3 month guitar course which promises to bring guitar players out of the “eternal intermediate” phase. I’m also planning to release my next album “Deep Inside The Mind – Rebirth” which is starting to really take shape!