Joshua Powell

Joshua Powell
Joshua Powell is the exhausted wizard at the helm of Indiana’s most haunted astral rock band. From his hardcore roots in the Floridian swamps and beyond the fever dream of his troubadour folk era, Powell’s songs have drifted through genres but maintained a crystalline vision for literarily-informed lyrics that dig for enlightenment in a surrealist muck. Comprising his band are blood brother and born drummer Jacob Powell and virtuosic low end architect Josh “Bass Mountain” Townsend. Audiotree wrote: “Four LP's and over 900 shows later, the midwestern road dog's ever-evolving, transcendent style embraces hallucinatory metal and grimy psychedelia.”

Joshua and the band have had songs on ABC, Freeform, AMC, and MTV networks and on the Spotify playlist "The Wilds.” Their music has been highlighted in the documentary on gig posters, “Just Like Being There,” the sexy blood-drenched horror comedy “Cannibal Mukbang,” and the queer road trip saga “Retake”. PBS featured the band on an episode of the show Backstage Pass and they have recorded sessions with Audiotree, Chicago Music Exchange, WFYI, Daytrotter, and the Emmy-winning Music in Transit.

Their most recent LP "Skeleton Party" saw them join the roster of Indiana-based label Romanus Records. Since then, Joshua was the Musician in Residence for Spring Green, WI and has reunited with his decade-old rock band Blindfold the Leaves, a collaborative with Greg Hojnacki of Louisville’s Annapurna and Vola Guitars with Jacob Powell and Ryan Segedi. As a music industry stalwart, Joshua also teaches music business at Anderson University, consults for Indie On the Move, and handmakes custom vinyl as the number two at Romanus Records. 2024 saw Joshua joining the Vola family of guitars, and the band producing their heaviest album to date as they crop circle back to the genres that made them.


Why Vola ?

My Vola guitar(s)

I had no idea people were building things this thoughtfully. I’ve played the same tele for 15 years, but the minute I pulled my Vasti out of the box it became my favorite guitar. I love the versatility of a classic tele build, but this one could do all those tricks and more. The push/pull gain boost knob and the massively different tones from each pickup position provide a rich sound palette, and the aggressive cuts in the body give it a truly iconoclastic attitude. The modern C-shaped neck is the most pleasant neck I’ve ever played. This guitar made me taller.

My Vola Guitar