Gustavo Di Padua

Gustavo Di Padua

The Brazilian guitarist, singer, music producer and songwriter has a solid and respected career.
With 26 years of experience, he has played in various rock n' roll and heavy metal bands such as Almah, Aquaria and Glory Opera, and has also worked with iconic Brazilian artists such as Erasmo Carlos, Sidney Magal, Maurício Mattar and Kelly Key.

Gustavo is considered one of the greatest guitarists in Brazil and his work is recognized nationally and internationally.
His extensive experience includes tours throughout Brazil in major national festivals such as Rock In Rio and in many other countries such as England, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium.
In the digital media, he has participated in an important online competition called Guitar Idol, being one of the finalists two years in a row and playing in London with big names of the guitar world.
Gustavo has recorded two solo albums, "The Stairs" (2008) and "O Outro Lado" (2015). In this last album, Gustavo also sings on all the songs, besides once again working on the production.
He's currently working on his third instrumental CD.


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I really like my Vola OZ ROA. It has one of the things I like most about a guitar... It is a "live" instrument, with "soul"! So it has a lot of dynamics and responds perfectly to the footprint. The sound is pure, very beautiful, but with a lot of rebellion! High quality guitar, incredible visuals and awesome sound!

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