OZ RV TNC : A Timeless Vision

OZ RV TNC : A Timeless Vision
The OZ RV TNC continues to be one of Vola’s most versatile and innovative releases to date. With a wealth of pickup selections and tonal sculpting capabilities internally, it offers a unique depth to the instruments’ range.

Its electronics package comes equipped with three hand wound Vola pickups, a five way switch, a neck pickup switch, a coil tap option, and a direct switch for seemingly endless sonic options.  Paired with a mahogany body, roasted maple neck, stainless steel frets, and durable Gotoh hardware, this Made-In-Japan masterpiece is carving out a name for itself in the modern guitar realm.

The Dream Team

With the recent release of three new finishes for the OZ RV TNC, French signature artist Kaspar Jalily decided to highlight the guitars’ capacity by recruiting a stellar team of five additional guitarists based in France to demonstrate a wide palette of sounds and techniques. With the help of Balsamiq Productions, the talented crew joined efforts to film individual performances of various styles and influences, focusing in on a clean tone to truly capture the essence and nuance of the instrument. Everyone displayed a distinctive approach, showing the class and caliber of each individual musician that picked up the guitar. Among the featured artists were Marwan Boulaid, Pierre Danel, Quentin Godet, Bastien Teisseire, Antonin Fresson, and Kaspar Jalily himself, each offering their individualistic aptitude. 

The soul of sound

A crisp and clean tone opens the demonstration as Kaspar Jalily delicately alternate picks his way through some pensive Neo-soul chords, tying each one together with soothing melodic lines. Marwan Boulaid follows, quickly proving his jazz influenced prowess. Utilizing his strengths, he outlines tasteful and elegant shapes with delicate finger style playing.  Next up, Vola artist Pierre Danel introduces a bossa nova style groove laced with subtle chromaticism and the occasional diminished chord, all intertwined in an intentional musing that showcases the TNC’s responsiveness. 

Shortly after, another signature Vola artist enters the scene. Quentin Godet changes the vibe with a funky rendering that highlights some pop-driven influence, starting with distinct and choppy double stops, quickly devolving to softer shapes, then immediately ramping the energy up again for an enticing performance. Bastien Teisseire follows next with a minor focused staccato line, embellished with some out of the ordinary ideas and honing in on the guitar’s single coil driven third position.  

A well timed and spacious etude enters as Antonin Fresson dives into the fifth position’s mini humbucker, displaying his succinct chops and sheer control at his fingertips. Finally, Kaspar wraps up the compilation with some powerful and driving chords, ones that you would expect to hear on a massive stage, which he is no stranger to. As he winds down, it is made perfectly evident that the dynamic persuasion of each individual player had a profound effect on the sounds that were produced.

A closing thought

After viewing the entirety of this collective’s performance, it is evident that even with the same source tone, the OZ RV TNC can be coaxed into creating a multitude of sounds, from rich and responsive to delicate and warm. Amidst each varying pickup selection is the opportunity for inspiration to strike, and we are proud to have such adept musicians and visionaries solidifying that with their incredible skills. A very special thanks to Kaspar Jalily for rounding up this troop of talent and producing these sessions, as well as Balsamiq Productions for creating such high quality videos. Hopefully this will inspire you to take a closer look at the OZ RV TNC, an instrument that we are truly proud of.

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