Going The Vola USA Custom Shop Route

A Vola USA Custom Shop guitar isn’t something you can just pick up at your local music store or even a high-end boutique guitar shop. A true Vola USA Custom Shop guitar is built one at time, with unique touches throughout the process to capture your specific vision and create a one-of-a-kind instrument with extraordinary character. We combine innovative takes on classic designs with unparalleled attention to detail, providing virtually unlimited options to create something amazing

It’s All About The Details

Our team of craftsmen want to make you the guitar of your dreams. With over 30 years in the luthier business, our team has the imperative knowledge and skills necessary to build instruments of the highest caliber. Each piece of wood that goes into your instrument is hand selected for its tonal qualities, weight and overall aesthetic to deliver consistency, playability, and comfort. From there, every characteristic, from function to form, can be customized to suit your specific wants and needs.

Working With The Vola USA Custom Shop

From the moment we start, to the completion of your guitar, we are with you every step of the way. Starting with a one-on-one consultation to discuss all of your options, we then dive deeper into the specifications of your build, ensuring you are involved in every decision. We pride ourselves in finding the perfect tone woods, as well as offering numerous custom finishes. The best part is, YOU are a part of this entire process. This is your custom shop build, and it is a collaborative effort!

Finding The Right Specs

When it comes to a Vola USA Custom Shop guitar, we want to take your dream and turn it into something tangible, an extension of yourself. Having countless options can be tough to navigate through. That is why we are happy to work side by side with you to ensure you have all the knowledge and information necessary to make your decision easier. When it comes to wood selection, hardware, pickups, finish options, and more, we are here to help!

Let’s Get Started

Interested in getting a quote or have any questions? We are happy to help. Please contact us using the form below  to get started! Custom shop guitars take time and we only work on a limited number at a time to make sure each one gets 100% attention during its process. Build times at the moment can range from 8-9 months depending on our backlog, specs of your custom guitar, and availability of certain parts and hardware.