The brand new Vola OZ 24 RV SRM

The brand new Vola OZ 24 RV SRM


For some people having a 24 fret guitar is a make or break decision when making a new guitar purchase, at one time there was only one guitar in the Vola lineup that had 24 frets, but as our guitar lineup grows so does the number of frets. So today we are talking about one of Vola Guitars newest additions, the incredibly beautiful OZ 24 RV SRM. At first glance it's a striped back and sleek shred machine with a lot under the hood, let's take a look at the specs of this guitar.

As the name suggests, the guitar takes its visual cues from the OZ body shape, one of Vola Guitar's most important and best-selling guitars, so it made sense to use the OZ for the brand new 24-fret guitar. With a striped STEALTH look, the guitar features two matte finish colors, Black Matte and White Matte, giving it a clean and fast visual appeal.

Like many guitars of late, the OZ 24 RV SRM is a bolt-on construction with a roasted maple neck and alder body, a pair that has been used for generations within the guitar community. What's the saying? "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". The neck profile is the brand new Vola MC profile, a modern fast profile that is great in all situations, with a one piece roasted maple neck, 24 stainless steel frets and a 12" radius for maximum comfort.

With all in house custom designed pickups, the guitar has the Vola VHC III in the bridge position and the Vola VHC in the neck position, to get full utilization out of the pickups the guitar sports a 5 way selector switch to achieve all the sounds a musician would need.

Since the guitar is hand built in Japan, all the hardware matches that feature, so we have Japanese Gotoh hardware for the bridge and for the locking headstock tuners. The guitar now comes with the Vola Custom Series Gigbag.

If you love the OZ guitar but want to add a few more frets then look no further than the brand new Vola OZ 24 RV SRM.