New Julien Rosenthal Signature

New Julien Rosenthal Signature

Today we are going to look at yet another new addition to the signature guitar range here at Vola Guitar. We are very excited to introduce you to the Vola OZ JRM J1 the Japanese made Julien Rosenthal signature model.

Julien is an amazing French guitarist, an active musician on YouTube and Instagram who also is involved in Guitar Xtreme Magazine. He is a well known guitar teacher at the Music Academy International and also a member of the french metal band Atlantis Chronicles. Born into a family of musicians he started to play the guitar at the age of 6 years old, he played his first festival at the age of 14. Julien developed his own unique modern / vintage guitar style with multiple inspirations such as, metal, soul, funk blues… and received a diploma with special mention “Best hope at the MAI”. With all those amazing accomplishments on the shoulders of this young man we wanted to develop a guitar that could do everything he needed it too do.

So lets take a look at this new addition to the signature guitar range.

The first thing that hits the eyes is the colour and finish on this guitar. The age old question, is a pink guitar cool or not ? 100 percent the answer is yes, what we have here is a shell pink high gloss finish, from smooth RnB all the way up to the 80s hair metal bands this colour has been used through out the guitar ages. To accompany the finish, the hardware on the guitar, a beautiful Gold, makes the guitar not only look stunning but also incredibly professional.

Lets start with the body, what we have is one of the best choices for a S type guitar: Alder, a wood that has been used for generations in the guitar world. The pickups on this guitar are a Vola VHC humbucker in the bridge that is paired with two Vola VS-I in the middle and neck, in a HSS configuration. It also has all the switching that make this guitar incredibly diverse, 1 Volume, 1 Tone, with a 5 way switch, 1mini switch (series /parallel / coil tap) 1 push/push switch(Neck on switch : neck pickup on).

The neck is a bolted on 1 Piece roasted maple neck with the two way adjustable trus rod, 12″ Radius, Black Dot inlays, 22 Frets with a 25.5″ Scale length. If you are not sure what Roasted Maple is its also known as Baked, Caramelized, or Torrified Maple. Its basically maple that has been heat treated in a specialised vacuum oven to remove sugars, moisture, and other impurities and that created a very very stable and resilient wood perfect for guitars.

With the guitar being hand built in Japan we have all Japanese hardware on this guitar: the Gotoh 510T-FE1 Bridge and the Gotoh locking tuners.

With all of that, what you get is the brand new Julien Rosenthal signature model from Vola Guitars.Head over to this signature guitar page and take a look and listen to this brand new addition to the Vola Guitar Catalogue.