New colors in the Vasti range

New colors in the Vasti range

Playability, functionality, specifications are all very very important things but sometimes can be trumped by it having the right colour.


The great thing about Vola Guitars is you get the best of both worlds: amazing Japanese build quality and craftsmanship along with some of the best and most well known guitar colours out there.

So lets take a look at some of the colours that sit within this range of guitars, first I want to highlight the classic ones. The guitar colours that have been used for generations with the guitar community. 2 colours sunburst a throwback to the 1950s, the Butterscotch Blonde finish, the Vintage Ivory Gloss and the Vintage White Gloss. All colours that instantly give you classic guitar vibes but, as we know, thanks to the V3 Vasti, we have all modern features, a perfect clash between having a classic looking guitar with modern appointments.

In the OZ Colours blog post we talked about car colours that were used on the original guitars in the 50s, and how we use those colours to this day on our own guitars and the same goes for the Vasti Range. We have the very famous Candy Apple Red, Sonic Blue and Surf Green Gloss. These colours have been used throughout guitar building for years and years, not just beautiful colours but colours that have a lot of History behind them.

Finally the last three colours, Shell Pink (arguably the best guitar colour ever) Vasti Orange Sparkle and Ocean Turquoise Metallic. Two very bold and beautiful colours, the Orange Sparkle is incredibly vibrant and full of flare. Its metallic finish has a small amount of flake in it so when you move the guitar you can catch the flake glimmer, gives it a understated sparkle finish.

All of these colours are available to purchase now, so head over to the guitar selection drop down on the website’s menu selection or click the link below and pick your favourite.