Music China 2023

Music China 2023

Shanghai's Music China 2023 Convention, which took place from October 11th to 14th, was a mecca for music enthusiasts, where countless innovations and remarkable instruments took center stage.

As attendees made their way through the doors of the massive Shanghai New International Expo Center, it was apparent that an inspiring and electric atmosphere was brewing. Among the prominent stars of this annual gathering was Vola Guitars, a brand synonymous with craftsmanship and innovation in the world of stringed instruments. With an impressive lineup of new models, refreshed classics, and custom builds, Vola yet again showcased their dedication to pushing the boundaries of excellence.

OZ RV TNC: Defining A New Color Palette

One of the many highlights of the show was the ability to breathe new vitality into the well-loved OZ RV TNC model.  Three eye-catching new colors were introduced, including Aqua Burst Gloss, Trans Light Purple Gloss, and Tribal Red Gloss, giving musicians a fresh palette to choose from. These highly versatile guitars have continually made an impact with their immense attention to detail, vast selection of pickup configurations, and visual appeal. Now, with several new finishes in the mix, the gravitational pull to players of all kinds has only grown stronger. Those attending the convention were among the very first in the world to lay eyes on this limited stock offering.

Don’t Forget the Low End

The convention was buzzing with excitement as several new bass guitars were featured in the booth, including the much-anticipated Vasti 5 STM J1 bass, signature model of Steve Tréguier of The Dali Thundering Concept. This monstrous instrument consistently turned heads with its striking design, versatile tonal options, and extended range capabilities. As players from all around came across it, it was almost certain they would take it for a spin and test its inspirational design. With its built in pre-amp, custom Vola SB5 pickups, and unexpected kill-switch, it was an opportunity that was not easy to pass up. 

Anticipation compounded as the brand new ZVA 4P MF bass was unveiled. This model represents a leap forward in bass guitar design, boasting two exquisite finishes in Candy Apple Red Gloss and Charcoal Frost Metallic Gloss. With the ability to switch between passive and active modes, this guitar electronics setup is designed for sonic versatility, and on-goers quickly found that sculpting sound was easily achieved with a 3-band active EQ provided by the Vola ATR-I system. One thing that was immediately recognizable was the unmatched resonance of these instruments. With the combination of its alder body and maple fingerboard, the ZVA 4P MF offers easy playability and audial richness.

An Array of Mainstay Models

Apart from the new additions, Vola Guitars also brought their cherished mainstay models to the convention. Classic designs like the OZ and Vasti models made appearances in a wide selection of different colors and finishes, as well as some of the very first designs, like the Ares. Also displayed were a host of signature model guitars designed for Maycown ReichembachQuentin Godet, Kaspar Jalily, Pierre Danel, Julien Rosenthal, and more. The impressive range of choices catered to musicians of all backgrounds and tastes. Each model was a testament to Vola's commitment to quality, playability, and sound. It was a joy to see so many new faces sitting down with these instruments and developing a closer connection to them.

A Striking Performance

Throughout the span of the convention, some of the most refined and talented of the Vola Artist arsenal took to the stage and displayed their sheer capability by performing original compositions. From Cai Jian’s versatile musings with his Vasti 7 CJM signature guitar, to Ershat bringing the heaviness with the OZ 7 EAM signature custom shop, there was a host of diverse and impressive sounds coming from the booth all week. Aside from the scheduled performances, new and old players alike settled in at their individual stations to test the range and capabilities of the various guitars. Regardless of age, a clear impact was made as alluring sounds swept across the facility.

Closing Thoughts

As the week came to a close, Vola was thankful for yet another opportunity and platform to showcase the beautiful instruments we’ve been conceptualizing over the years. The convention attendees had the chance to experience the true essence of Vola Guitars— a brand that strives to understand and cater to the diverse needs and preferences of musicians. Vola is not just about building guitars; it's about crafting instruments that become an extension of the musician's soul and becoming a part of their voice. We’re thankful for each and every person that gives our products a chance. Until next year, we wish you the best!