An Epic Collaboration

An Epic Collaboration


What is better than a good old-fashioned collaboration? This is the question that immediately came to mind when the likes of Colton Martin and Ben McSherry joined forces to create a killer collab with a couple of their favorite Vola guitar models. Both of these players present a distinct approach and style to their sound, and hearing them over the same track was nothing short of a pleasure to witness and hear.


The video opens with a crisp drum fill and both musicians “throwing up the horns,” foreshadowing a heavy, driving composition in store. They dive right into a mesmerizing riff, doused with equal amounts of progressive rock and blues influence. The descending chromatic runs that are masterfully woven into the thematic fabric proved to be an ear worm from the get-go.

Around the twenty-second mark, McSherry enters with a grimace-inducing double string bend, enough to wake the rock legends of old from their distant slumber. His proceeding solo flaunts the vast number of tricks hidden up his sleeve. From percussive harmonics to tapping, alternate picking to hints of legato, his skill set runs deep. As the two finish out this banger of a short, they trade off octaves of the main riff. To quote one of the great musical educators of our time, Adam Neely, “repetition legitimizes”... and they drove this point home with style and thoughtfulness.

Tying into the audial magic, a stellar visual appeal rounds out the overall aesthetic. Martin has a proven track record of impressive video editing chops, and he proves himself once again with a flurry of seamless transitions, gorgeous color grading, and tasteful effects.




Ben McSherry is a tested and true multi-instrumentalist based out of the Bay Area (San Jose, California, USA to be exact). He stands as the main composer for the project Oceans In Silhouette, churning out progressive metal originals and presenting a bright personality in his online persona. On top of that, Ben prides himself on his ability to produce and engineer session work for his surrounding musical community.

Colton Martin hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA as a rising force in the modern metal sphere. For those that have followed his journey, it comes as no surprise that the man is incapable of missing when it comes to creating memorable and mind-bending tunes. Formerly a member of the band Relics, Colton has since shifted his focus towards solo endeavors, channeling his creativity into crafting high-intensity, technically-driven metalcore and djent compositions.


Both guitars used in the video are signature models of current Vola artists. The OZ QGM J2 is the brainchild of Quentin Godet, and the Vasti 7 PDM J1 is a direct extension of the mind of Pierre Danel. The combination of these two tonally expansive instruments meshes together to complement the output of their operators.

Martin finds himself at the helm of the OZ QGM J2. It comes equipped with a mahogany body/maple top, roasted maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, Gotoh hardware, and an HSS pickup configuration with Vola custom wound pickups. This particular combination gave the demonstration a richer quality, laying a solid foundation to the tone and atmosphere.

On the other side of the track, McSherry is wielding the Vasti 7 PDM J1, which comes stock with an ash body, roasted maple neck, reverse headstock, stainless steel frets, and a versatile HSS pickup configuration. Possessing equal amounts of adaptability, the extended-range instrument served as a conduit of conversation between both players, exhibiting their unique voice when the moment called for it.


All in all, this fantastic joint effort between Ben McSherry and Colton Martin showcases the power of blending their distinct musical styles and talents. Their ability to merge progressive rock, blues, and metal elements results in a captivating and memorable performance. The video not only highlights their technical prowess but also their creative synergy, amplified by the exceptional visual production.  A growing excitement comes with the thought of future endeavors between Vola artists and leads us to ask the question… when will the next great collaboration happen?