Igor de Ferran

Igor de Ferran
Igor de Ferran is a French professional bassist. He started playing bass at the age of 14, influenced by various metal bands, and played his first concerts at the age of 16.
In 2012, he started a professional program at the CIM in Paris, then left in 2015 after graduating to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he perfected his skills with some of the biggest names in bass guitar.

An accomplished and versatile sideman, Igor works both on stage and in the studio with many artists of different styles, from pop to funk, metal or jazz.
He is also active as a composer and his music has been heard and appreciated on major TV channels and documentaries.
Igor teaches at the CIM in Paris, where he is in charge of the ensemble classes.


Why Vola ?

My Vola guitar(s)

I needed a versatile instrument to play different styles of music. The Vola ZV5 bass is the perfect instrument to achieve the best possible sound for a variety of projects.

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