Vola Warranty


  1. This Vola Instrument is warranted for one (1) full year against defects in manufacture and workmanship providing the attached card is returned within 14 days of purchase.

  2. This warranty specifically excludes strings and all parts which have been repaired or replaced by anyone other than an authorized Vola dealer/service center.

  3. This guarantee is void on any instrument which has been subjected to alteration, misuse, negligence or accident, or to the parts of any instrument which has had the serial number altered or removed.

  4. The buyer (though the authorized dealer/distributor) either in writing or by telephone explains to the Manager or Assistant Manager of the manufacturer's Customer Service department the nature of such defect and obtains return authorization from the manufacturer prior to returning the product or component.

  5. At the buyer's expense, the buyer returns the product claimed to be defective, through his authorized dealer/distributor, to the manufacturer at the buyer's expense with shipping expenses prepaid both to and from the manufacturer.  If purchased direct from Vola Guitar, please email service@volaguitar.com to open a service request.

  6. All requests for warranty covered repairs must be accompanied with the original proof-of-purchase of the instrument.

  7. The manufacturer shall be satisfied that such defect is not the result of misuse or abuse and 6a. The model number and serial number on both the registration card and the product shall not have been altered. This warranty shall not apply to products, which shall have been subjected to misuse, negligence, alteration or accident, including exposure to extreme heat, cold, or high or low humidity. It is strongly recommended that the guitar is stored when not in use in the designated custom case or a similar case of comparable dimensions and quality. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any property damage or for any consequential damages(including loss of use or profits)nor shall the manufacturer's liability on any claim for damages arising out of or corrected with the manufacturer, sale, delivery or use of any goods delivered under this order exceed the purchase price paid. In the event of unexpected loss by fire, theft, or damage of the buyer's product while in the manufacturer's possession such loss shall not be a liability of the manufacturer in excess of replacement with a new product of the same or most similar available style, Excess value (collector's value)insurance must be carried by the buyer at buyer's expense. The same is true with shipping insurance since many carries place limits on their liability. The manufacturer assumes no liability in the event of loss or damage to the owner's product while it is in transit to or from the manufacturer's place of business and the owner shall be responsible for all risk of loss. Any action for breach of this warranty or any other action under this agreement must be commenced within one year after such cause of action arises.


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