The ROA will leave you speechless

The ROA will leave you speechless

Now the finish on a guitar is not everything, I mean we have to take into consideration every thing else that makes a guitar a guitar. Neck profile, pickup configuration, hard tail or trem the list goes on. But im telling you right now when you unbox a Vola OZ ROA model you will be lost for words.

The guitars sport ash tops and, if you know that wood, it has large standing grain so it almost looks like its been sand blasted, the colour choices really show the potential of this wood choice. For example let's start with the DSE finish, looks like you are looking directly into a beautiful black hole!!! But its not one dimensional, when you move the guitar the colour swirls and moves. More finishes have been added to the collection as well, Faded Blue and the beautiful Denim Blue. So let's take a look at the specs on these guitars.

Like other OZ models in the Vola catalogue it starts with a bolt on neck, the neck wood choice for these guitars is a one piece roasted maple neck. And a little different from other guitars within the Vola range we are looking at a Mahogany body, because its finished in a matte finish the mahogany looks Natural and soft to the touch. The Guitar has two neck options to choose from, the brand new Vola Modern C Neck Shape ( shown next to the model name as MC ) also the Classic C neck shape so you have two great neck options to choose from. And then Once again we have Vola in house designed pickups the Vola VHC humbucker (B), Vola VS-I (M), Vola VS-I (N). 22 Nickel frets lay on the roasted maple fretboard, and of course Gotoh Hardware keeps everything in tune and in check.

And just like our other guitars the Vola OZ ROA is handmade in Japan for that confidence when it comes to quality.

The Guitar offers a wide variety of tones, from blues, classic rock and metal, the guitar has you covered for sure. Elegant and versatile this guitar will not only be your go to instrument of choice but also the guitar that you stare at for hours like a freshly lit fire.