Advancement in low frequency innovation

Advancement in low frequency innovation

Vola Guitars is beyond excited to introduce a new addition to our arsenal, the ZVA MF bass.

A firm step forward in low frequency innovation, this powerhouse of an instrument offers a wide array of internal mechanisms to sculpt your sound. On the exterior, it features a selection of eye-catching components throughout its assembly. Each bass is hand made in Japan with uncompromising precision, proving that the Vola ZVA MF represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Let’s take a closer look!

An ideal setup

With an alder body and maple neck with a Vola Modern C shape, this instrument is designed to satisfy the discerning bassist's every need. The maple fingerboard adorned with classic dot inlays and a 34" scale length add to its playability. It comes equipped with Vola PB4 neck / Vola JS4 bridge pickups which are coupled with a Vola ATR-I Active 3-band EQ and a handy mini switch for easy transitioning between passive and active modes. A GOTOH bridge adds to its reliability, and the unique zero fret system allows for consistent intonation across the fingerboard. This bass guitar is the epitome of artistry. With premium components and timeless aesthetics, it makes for the perfect blend of exquisite sound and visual elegance.

A jaw dropping demonstration

To demonstrate the various capabilities of the instrument, we joined forces with the one and only Nate Navarro. Nate has cemented himself in the modern music scene, actively touring with well-established acts, creating product demos, building a massive following across social networks, and performing as a session musician, among many other things. He put together a mesmerizing performance utilizing the ZVA MF in the candy apple red gloss finish. Right out of the gate, he pummels listeners with a stupefying thumping lick to kick things off. Over the next few measures, he displays an array of different techniques, all with exactness and clarity. 

The first section of the play through is fast paced and dense with energy, yet at the twenty five second mark, the vibe completely shifts. Navarro smoothly turns the balance knob towards the bridge position, offering a much warmer and mellow approach. The backing music that he composed also adapts to this audial transformation. His wide stretched chords and tasteful note choice further represent not only his aptitude, but also the wide tonal range of the ZVA MF. Throughout the rest of the video, Nate describes each part in detail and discusses his overall thoughts. We couldn’t have found a more appropriate musician to exhibit their skills on this bass, so we want to extend a huge thank you to Nate for knocking it out of the park!

Closing thoughts 

Packed with richness and resonance, this four string wonder is setting a new standard for anyone that is responsible for holding down the low end in their musical outfit. The diligence of design for the electronics package is not to be overlooked, and it offers players an opportunity to rely solely on the inner workings of the instrument to sculpt their sound. Overall, this is a guitar that is suitable for an assortment of different applications and settings. From the studio to the stage, the Vola ZVA MF bass has all your needs covered.